The Top Ten Schools Supporting Terrorists: San Diego State U.

Last night, posters appeared at San Diego State University (SDSU) identifying the terrorist supporting groups and individuals currently operating unimpeded on the university campus. The guerrilla poster campaign at SDSU was prompted by the school's inclusion on the David Horowitz Freedom Center's 2016 Top Ten Schools Supporting Terrorists report, the latest effort in the Center's Stop The Jew Hatred On Campus initiative. SDSU made national headlines last spring when SJP members and their supporters held University President Elliot Hirshman hostage for two hours because they were outraged that he refused to condemn anti-BDS posters put up by the David Horowitz Freedom Center on the grounds that they were speech protected by the First Amendment. They joined Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR and Al Sharpton’s National Action Network in calling for the resignation of President Hirshman.

SDSU is home to a highly active BDS campaign supported by at least eleven leftist campus organizations. A school-wide referendum on a BDS resolution garnered a majority of votes, but not the 2/3 supermajority needed for passage. SDSU-SJP has also followed Hamas’s policy of refusing the “normalization” of relations with pro-Israel groups by barring Students Supporting Israel (SSI) from signing a statement encouraging greater inclusion of Muslims on campus.

Supporting Evidence:

November 23, 2015: After a Muslim student was assaulted on campus, the pro-Israel group Students Supporting Israel (SSI) attempted to co-sign a petition to make the campus more inclusive for Muslims. SDSU-SJP refused to allow them to co-sign the statement, on the grounds that it “didn’t serve the interests of the community.” SSI reported that “Out of the over 30 organizations that had signed the document, SSI was the only organization to be excluded from the statement.” This refusal to allow the “normalization” of relations with pro-Israel groups and individuals is a key tenet of Hamas’s political philosophy.

October 19, 2015: SDSU-SJP endorsed a statement from the Uhuru Solidarity Movement which condoned anti-Israel terrorism as “resistance against the oppressive Zionist entity” and stated “LONG LIVE THE INTIFADA” – the terrorist campaign against Israeli Jews.

October 11, 2015: SDSU hosted the Fifth Annual Students for Justice in Palestine National Conference. The event featured convicted terrorist Rasmeah Odeh as a keynote speaker and several workshops promoting the Hamas-inspired BDS campaign against Israel. sdsu/

April 09, 2015: Over 3,000 SDSU students participated in a university-wide referendum on BDS against Israel. A majority of students (53%) voted for the measure but it failed because a 2/3 majority is required for passage. The BDS movement is a Hamas-inspired and funded campaign to destroy the state of Israel through economic strangulation and isolation.

April 06, 2015: Eleven student organizations signed a pro-BDS statement printed in the campus newspaper, The Daily Aztec. The organizations included the Arab Student Association, International Socialist Organization, Jewish Voice for Peace, Muslim Student Association, and Students for Justice in Palestine. The statement echoed Hamas’s propaganda line, claiming that Israel is conducting a “violent, illegal occupation of Palestine,” and referring to Israel’s defensive military campaign Operation Protective Edge – which was a response to thousands of Hamas rockets fired into civilian areas – as a “massacre” of Palestinians.

April 05, 2015: In the wake of a student government vote on BDS, anti-Semitic and genocidal remarks were made on the local social media site Yik Yak including “Heil Hitler” and “SDSU divest so we can get rid of the Jews.”

March 24, 2015: SDSU SJP released a video supporting BDS Against Israel. The video featured numerous SDSU students explaining why they support the BDS campaign.

January 21, 2015: SDSU Divest launched its BDS campaign against Israel.

November 6, 2014: SDSU SJP violated the Student Code of Conduct by dropping leaflets from the top of several campus buildings meant to simulate an Israeli air strike.  According to the campus paper, “The papers fluttering to the ground were meant to resemble leaflets dropped over Gaza ordering Palestinians to flee the region because of an imminent air strike.”

April 09, 2014: Nirit Revzin, president of Aztecs for Israel, wrote in a campus newspaper column: “I have been rejected numerous times in creating a dialogue toward progress or cooperating with Students for Justice in Palestine, as I have been told ‘SJP officers do not socialize with sympathizers of a brutal apartheid state.’”  This refusal to allow the “normalization” of relations with Israel or pro-Israel groups is a key tenet of Hamas’s strategy.